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A Discussion on the Use of Speed Figures

Which horse will run fastest today? Simply put, Thoroughbred speed figures are a measure of performance. And nearly all handicappers rely on speed figures, some more than others. For most, perusing speed figures is their starting point. It’s a good starting point, especially for “newbies”. But speed figures are never the be all or end…


 Thoroughbred Racehorse trainers are a breed unto themselves. They are mini-corporate CEOs. They manage and maintain a barn full of horses. Trainers employ a workforce of assistants, grooms, hot walkers, stall muckers, exercise riders, jockeys, and veterinarians. To paraphrase, “it takes a village” to get horses to the races and keep them racing.  Trainers receive…


Written by: Tom Amello and The Wizard Facts! The Associated Press reported a 13% increase in Derby viewership from 14.8 million in 2023 to 16.7million, the largest audience since 1989. Parent company CDI announced, and Bloodhorse reported, “Betting on this year's 20-horse Derby race totaled $210.7 million, up 11% compared with last year's previous record…


Written by: Tom Amello and The Wizard “It’s a fact, Jack.” Thoroughbred racing faces an existential challenge from legalized Sports Betting. Think about it…America is a “ball-sport” culture: soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, tennis balls, bowling balls, golf balls, lacrosse balls, ping pong balls, pools balls, squash balls, etc. From cradle to grave, it’s balls and…

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