Wizard History

Every Issue is a Handicappling Lesson

Expert horse racing services since 1987.

My process in the beginning was to handicap the next day’s card, type the sheet, print copies on my kitchen table, then drive around New York City in the wee hours of the morning to distribute it to newsstands close to the Off-Track Betting Parlors.

Times have changed; technology has advanced. Race cards are available 48-72 hours in advance. Through the internet, my products are available worldwide. But one thing has not changed; I continue to set the standard for handicapping selections and wagering guides.

Now, I am able to include more tracks and new products. I have also focused on fan education, which I believe will not only help the casual horse racing fan and the experienced bettor, but also help the game by expanding the fan base.

Wizard products address wagering strategies and ticket construction. Included are more difficult strategies like exactas, trifectas, dime superfectas, and the wide array of multi-race wagers such as Pick 3’s, 4’s 5’s, and the occasional Pick 6 play. Every product is intended to help readers not only have their best chance to make a profit, but to become better handicappers and players on their own, so they are successful over time.

The Wagering Strategies product, for example, provides suggested wagers for each race, and is updated after late scratches, 30-60 minutes before first post. Players not only receive my wagers for each race, but how I adjust those strategies based on the latest information, which includes scratches, weather and track conditions.

Over the years it became cleat that a move to the sports was needed. So, in 2020 along with a small team, we decided to start bringing onboard experienced and proven handicappers to officially launch Wizard Race and Sports. Beginning with NFL and then expanding to more sports, that has turned into the Wizard Race and Sports you see today.

Our Mission

Wizard Race and Sports has one mission

To provide the best handicapping products for the novice and experienced players. We believe that everyone should have access to great handicapping products with integrity from real industry experts with decades of experience in their industry who wager on the selections they sell.


Don’t just play around with your bets. Put the Wizard on your side and win more often!

Awesome Performance

Created from the ground up to make educating, researching, picking winners, handicapping, and interacting with other handicappers, transparent and approachable for all.

Impressive Information

Wizard Race and Sports was created for both the novice and professional handicappers, with tools and resources to help you cash more winning tickets




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