• Michael Kipness

    Ever since I was a little kid back in the mid 60’s, every Saturday my dad would take me, my brother and a bunch of his cronies to either Aqueduct, Belmont or Saratoga. I loved handicapping the races and was enamored by the colorful characters that circulated around the racetrack. After the day’s races, I would pick up the popular tip sheets-Clocker Lawton, NY Handicap and Jacks Green Card to see how they did. It wasn’t too difficult to find these sheets littered amongst the many losing tickets on the grandstand floor. I only imagined how much money these tipsters made for just giving the names of horses in the order they liked them with a couple word comments like ‘Working Well’, “Hot Trainer”, “Spotted for the Win”. Many were the betting favorites. After analyzing their work for several years, I began to imagine what it would be like if there was a selection sheet that picked a lot of winners, including longshots, and provided well written analysis on why you liked that particular horse. In 1986 I began my lifelong dream of creating such a product. I called my selection sheet The Wizard!

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